Jagdish Pandya

Start-up Mentor, Chairman of BlockOn Group

Jagdish Pandya

Start-up mentor, Chairman of BlockOn Group


My Love: Being A self-made cryptopreneur I love to partner with future-ready philanthropically-positive business people who love to see tomorrow of everything – be it technology, finance, human and social interactions.

My Company : Block On Capital has created an Ecosystem that specializes in Incubation, Acceleration, Innovation, Investment, Education, Media, and Events in Crypto and Blockchain Space.

My mission: Our center of Excellence For Blockchain And Emerging technologies at Malaysia is dedicated to incubate and accelerate projects that promote a better ecosystem for CryptoCurrency and blockchain companies by leveraging our infrastructure, network and visibility and of course, funds

My Belief: I firmly believe that “All great things are people are resisted in the beginning. And in the due course, the whole world has to not just take notice of them but even follow them. I witnessed this in the Internet first time and now with crypto.

Life in Crypto: I have been at the forefront of digital and cryptocurrency developments since the beginning (2011) and have formed a strong alliance and credibility among my peers in Asia with dedication and a grow-all mindset.

What Next? Creating Soonicorn and then Unicorn from the current portfolio and building new ventures as well. Unite and Win We all need to unite to strengthen the decentralized innovations and tomorrow’s world will be much better than what it is today.