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With this membership we will be including your name into our email list to notify you about our upcoming workshops and courses. Please note that you will be able to attend free workshops and courses only. All our other workshops and courses will be available to you at the extra cost ($25 per workshop and/or course).   Please consider purchasing  Startup Founder membership instead. Startup Founder membership will help you to build up on your idea and turn it into a real startup. With the Startup Founder membership you will get:
  • Solid practical knowledge on how to build a successful business while completing the CryptoChicks Hatchery Program
  • Your Minimal Viable Product or Prototype;
  •  Your Name and Logo;
  •  Your market-tested business model;
  • Market response to your business idea;
  • Your online presence and exposure;
  • Personal mentorship from the best industry experts
  • Peer support of fellow founders;
  • Help in registering (incorporating) your business including financial support (we covered $100 towards our last year founders incorporation fees);
  • Opportunity to receive grants from CryptoChicks Hatchery Funding Program (our last year founders are now getting funding from the Canadian government grant we just received);
  • Help in building your best possible team;
  • Networking opportunities at the CryptoChicks and partners worldwide;
  • Free access to all mentorship resources and entrepreneurs courses available to the CryptoChicks;
  • Free or discounted blockchain education
  • Your logo, website link, and promo materials at the main CryptoChicks website and all CryptoChicks events worldwide;
  • Speaking opportunities to promote your business at all CryptoChicks and partner events worldwide;
  • Opportunity to win the Sustainability Prize

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